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The "ANMA" Real Estate Agency is one of the oldest and most expansive companies professionally dealing with property /real estate/ transactions in and around the Lublin area. Our company has been operating continuously since 1992, and has an established position on the Lublin property market. We are perceived as a credible company, known for professionalism, reliability and effectiveness.

The basis of our activity is mediating purchases, sales, rentals and leases for all types of properties (flats, houses, land parcels, tenements, business and commercial premises) on the primary and secondary markets both in Lublin and its surroundings.

We offer a complete package, including comprehensive legal and organisational services for all transactions as well as advice during negotiations between parties. Thanks to our close cooperation with notaries, legal offices and property experts, we can lead the Customer through the entire maze of legal and administrative and other complexities which are usually associated with property transactions.

Part of our success allows also us to perform combined transactions, and thanks to close cooperation with the banks, we can offer our Customers help in obtaining advantageous home loans.

The increasing demands of the property market are the drive behind the continuous development of our company, therefore apart from traditional mediation services, we also offer a wider range of other, related services, including:

  • Search and acquisition of investment areas for our Customers
  • Consultation and advice on the property market,
  • Research and regulation of properties' legal statudes
  • Assistance in obtaining property acquisition permissions for foreigners
  • Comprehensive and professional lease management service

Most of all, we owe our successes to:

  • A carefully selected team with the highest possible qualifications, guaranteeing professional, prompt and reliable performance of every task entrusted to us,
  • A rich selection of services and a computer database wherein you can find the proposition best suited to your needs,
  • The consistently high level of all our services.

Throughout our history, we've satisfied multitudes of private individuals as well as companies and institutions (both domestic and foreign), through our mediatory and other services.

You're welcome to learn more about our full range of constantly updated offers at our website, where you can find a complete list, regarding:


I am confident that we will meet all your requirements and we would like to invite you to a fruitful cooperation with us!

Marcin Kuczynski – owner /licensed real estate broker - license No. 4256/


Biuro Nieruchomości ANMA - MK Marcin Kuczyński

Real Estate Agency ANMA – MK Marcin Kuczynski

Feliksa Bieczyńskiego Street No 4
20 - 073 Lublin, Poland
tel. +48 /81/ 532 99 44
tel. +48 731-48-88-44
     tel. +48 573-29-99-44

e-mail: anma@anma-lublin.pl

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri.: 8.30 - 18.30
Sat: 10.00 - 14.00


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